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 Reiki For Adults And Children:  (60 minute)

Reiki is a technique of channeling energy through the hands to focus and stimulate the body's natural healing ability.  It is safe and noninvasive.  You will feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation as you feel the healing energy move through your body.  


Long Distance Reiki: (60 minute)

Long distance reiki sends healing energy when that person or animal isn't physically with you.  It has all of the benefits of an actual hands on reiki session as reiki energy can travel through space and time.

Energy Card Reading: (60 minute)

Energy cards are an ancient, time honored way to receive guidance and insight.

Reiki/Energy Card Reading: (90 minute)

A combination of a reiki treatment and an energy card reading.

Intuitive Counseling: (60 minute)

Intuitive counseling focuses on any issues you may want to discuss in your life such as work, family, relationships, health, etc. to bring about a greater level of insight, inner peace and a sense of direction.

Hours: Monday thru Sunday, 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Payment: Accept Paypal at  Also accept Venmo @Sharon-Carrillo-3, Zelle at 650-465-9669 and Cash.

"Everything is possible, nothing is impossible," Archangel Michael​

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